Friday, February 12, 2010

one eight

TODAY!!! today is my birthday and to be perfectly honest it started off as a bad day unfortunately, i went to school and people actually REMEMBERED that todays my did not expect that one bit! so that pretty much made my day and i'm just in a really good mood now cause i got pretty presents from my friends and money from my family and now all i'm waiting for is to get my lovely gift from my parents which i have no idea what they got me! and i'm super excited to go get some SUSHI!!! i haven't had some in forever and i'm totally craving it right about now!

r.i.p. sweet alexander mcqueen


  1. that dress looks so adorable on you
    happy late bday
    you should post more of your photos
    you look awesome


  2. Aw happy bday!! Lovely photo!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! I'm glad the day became better for you.

    I'm not sure which blog of yours you read the most but in reply to your comment about what camera I use, I use a Canon 1000D dslr with an external flash. I hope this helps! :D