Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Those Leather Shorts

I Die! This outfit is an icon to me every time I check out blogs this picture always shows up, and I fall in love with it each time. The shirt, the shorts, the hair, everything is just perfectly fashion forward and its outrageous. I know I'm making such a big deal but I really love this outfit.


  1. I know... usually I don't like leather shorts/pants or skirts but she really rocks that outfit!

  2. I love her, she always looks like perfection....this is super nice!!! I love everything about it! great new blog!

    thank you for your comment! I got the sheer purple shirt from F21 last fall so I don't think they will have it....sorry, but you never know sometimes I see the same stuff each year if it sells :)

  3. I agree. Love those shorts!

    xx, carrie